What is a GNUS Token?

GNUS Tokens are tokens used in a unique, secure, smart, and easy-to-use platform that completely disrupts the way businesses do AI/ML Processing. It is the purchasing unit for AI/ML processing requests.

What blockchain are the GNUS Tokens on?

GNUS tokens are slated to launch on Bitcoin as (BGNS BRC-20), Ethereum, and Polygon, and others as (GNUS ERC-20/ERC-1155 Hybrid), Solana (SPL Token), and Cardano Native Token.

What benefits do I gain from GNUS Token?

The initial value of GNUS tokens is for prepurchasing AI/ML processing and will be used as the reserve currency for Games and applications that integrate with the GNUS blockchain. Once the ecosystem is in full swing, GNUS tokens used for AI/ML processing are paid to anybody who has installed the App or is playing a game with the system integrated. Once GNUS is distributed, it can be used for in-app purchases and becomes part of a gaming ecosystem.

Why are GNUS Tokens multichain?

GNUS tokens are a bridging mechanism between other Cryptocurrencies and Fiat currency and a bridge to the SGNUS (Super Genius) private blockchain. This allows AI processing payments earned by app and game developers to be converted to any currency.

Are GNUS Tokens traded on a big exchange?

GNUS Tokens are not yet trading on a major exchange. We plan on listing to a major CEX exchange after the launch around March 31, 2024

How do GNUS and SGNUS relate?

GNUS Tokens are blockchain tokens that are used to open AI/ML requests and act as a payment channel. SGNUS tokens are created and mapped one-to-one for GNUS tokens and are part of a rollup and bridging system that uses zkSnarks. They then enter their very own economic system for fast transaction processing.

What is the difference between GNUS and SGNUS tokens?

GNUS (Genius) tokens are currently on the Polygon mainnet, and SGNUS (Super Genius) Tokens are used in a private network for fast transactions. The SGNUS Tokens will roll up to multiple blockchains for cross-chain compatibility.

Why is there a burn function in the smart contract?

We implemented a burn function so that when AI/ML processing is done, the GNUS tokens will increase in value by destroying 10% of the GNUS tokens. This may seem counterintuitive, but from our research, doing this increases the value of your tokens by 12%.

Will this token be considered a security?

We don’t believe it will. We’ve been cautious not to do the ICO until we have the software in a minimally viable state. The tokens are also for prepurchasing AI/ML processing, so the token has a utility value. We’ve analyzed our offering based on the Howey test and scored very well not to be considered a security.

Can I invest in the company by buying these tokens?

No, these tokens are being used for AI/ML processing. However, please don’t hesitate to use the contact form if you are interested in investing in the company, as we do have a prospectus for a SAFE & SAFT offering for accredited investors.

Would anybody be able to buy your tokens?

Anyone can purchase the tokens, as they are utility tokens for use in AI/ML processing and not securities.

Are you worried about the U.S. crackdown on Cryptocurrencies?

Not in the slightest. Cryptocurrencies and Cryptotokens have been adopted by major corporations and have grown significantly over the last few years. The Genie is already out of the bottle!

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