Features And Benefits


  • GNUS.AI turns your computer, smartphone, or other devices into a powerful team, working together to solve complex problems.

  • Instead of relying on a single, centralized server, GNUS.AI connects many devices in a decentralized network, utilizing their combined computing power.


  • Each transaction is secured with Zero Knowledge (ZK) encryption, preventing your data from being sold.

  • Regular smart contract audits will be performed as an integral security measure.


  • App developers can use a special Software Development Kit (SDK) that can be included in their applications, enabling them to tap into the unused processing power of your device for AI tasks.


  • You get special digital coins (cryptocurrency) as a reward for letting GNUS.AI use your device's brainpower.

  • When your device helps with AI calculations, you earn GNUS tokens, which you can use to buy things in apps or convert into other cryptocurrency.


  • GNUS.AI works with everything from your phone to your game console and everything in between.

  • It easily fits into various devices, allowing you to contribute to the network regardless of what type of device you're using.

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