Idle Central Processing (GPU)

-Where devices rests, but A.I. awakens.

Any application can have periods of idle GPU, regardless of the device running it. If your device can download and process the information fast enough to run the application, it will inevitably have idle CPU and GPU periods. This is where GNUS.AI steps in.

Let's revisit the game application example: A user is playing a resource-intensive game on their device, utilizing the GPU for graphics rendering and the CPU for game logic. While the user is exploring less demanding areas of the game or during loading screens, the GPU may experience idle capacity, triggering:

  1. Task Activation: GNUS.AI detects these idle moments and activates its tasks, such as processing AI-related computations, blockchain transactions, or other decentralized network activities.

  2. Background Operation: Tasks run in the background, utilizing the available GPU capacity without affecting the gaming experience. The user continues to play the game seamlessly.

  3. Efficient Resource Allocation: GNUS.AI intelligently scales its operations based on available resources, ensuring that it never interferes with the game's real-time requirements (Dynamically Adjusted Resource Allocation).

  4. No Overrun or Interruption: The user enjoys uninterrupted gameplay, and when the game demands full GPU power again, gracefully reduces its activity, allowing the game to take priority.

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